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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    A full summer vibe! West Side Story who? 

    Everything shines here in this vibrant, electric, loving community. There’s so much culture and you feel fully immersed in every song and dance. Watching this having lived in New York and seen the sights only made this even more special.

    Did I expect to fully bawl my eyes out? Absolutely not but here we are. My mask was soaked.

  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch


    Punk through and through with a big injection of creativity in its adaptation. Maybe a tad long but a fun ride

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  • Hunger Ward

    Hunger Ward


    Feels a bit exploitative, of the families’ sorrow, the process, the lethargic children. Wish they would’ve examined more of the connections between malnutrition and the war in Yemen besides just saying it and showing the aftermath.

    Props to Dr. Aida keeping it together after that grandma- who drowned her granddaughter- kept accusing her of killing her child with spoiled milk.

  • Do Not Split

    Do Not Split


    Hammer skillfully packs story, footage, and emotion in under 40 minutes. This film shows so much more than just  reading about Hong Kong in the news. The pro-China rally uncovered a disgusting parallel to Tr*mpers feeling entitled while the entire film recalls the BLM protests and police violence that started last summer. It’s so infuriating and disheartening to see their freedoms being stripped, especially in policies enacted after the events in this film. 

    We support you, Hong Kong. ACAB.