The Batman

The Batman ★★★½

Seen at VUE Islington.

For a good chunk of this I was just thinking about how nice it was to be watching a David Fincher film again, because I have really fucking missed my husband's work on the big screen, so it was a little disappointing when something with all the trappings lands in a kind of neutered place.
I get it, this is a superhero movie by and large, even if it's one that leans into the dark potential of its source material more than most, it's still a superhero movie and rated 15!
I wasn't necessarily even expecting it to be more gnarly, I just wish it was purely on preference?
I don't know, I liked it quite a bit and adored the repeated use of "Something In The Way" by Nirvana, and the fact that this was (mostly) an extremely distinct, director-led film, and I may like it more on rewatch with expectations managed, but there was something not there.
Or it felt like towards the end the film sort of forcibly course corrected and ended up feeling more ordinary than it was endeavouring to be the whole time prior to the resolution.
And it was sexy but could have been sexier!
These were certainly some of the first comic book characters in a movie in a long, long time that you could decisively say Fuck, but the sleaze was always sort of snatched back right before it made good on its promise.
But hey, the atmosphere was consistently there, everything set in the club was great, and I shouldn't complain when this had so much more that was for me than a film of this ilk typically should.
Score is Very good, and that absolutely bone-shaking funeral march of a theme for the Bat is still ringing in my ears.
I think a potential sequel could be truly great, and now this has proven to sell there's room to really let loose and dip more than a toe into the murky waters of blood, piss, and bile that are always lapping invitingly at the corners of the frame during The Batman.
I want to lick Bruce Wayne's lower face area.

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