I Love Maria

I Love Maria ★★★★

Immensely enjoyable, and loveable. Tsui Hark directs and stars in this late 80s "Robocop Meets Metropolis with a dash of Mecha" action comedy thing. It shouldn't work with the kind of budgets involved in these flicks but it totally does.

Not only does this film totally commit to all its scifi and mecha visual effects, it actually makes them look good and fun. I love how Tsui Hark is simply not intimidated by this stuff which so easily can be made cheap and ridiculous. Instead the madness is embraced, and directed with confidence.

As always there are lots of jokes (not too shabby ones either), antics, action scenes, goofy but enjoyable effects, madcap pacing and editing and fun characters. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

This would have been an 80s sci-fi cult classic if it was made in Hollywood.

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