Moonlight ★★★★★

The level of vulnerability showed in Moonlight is truly something else. It feels like every man is still afraid of that on this day and age and Moonlight translated that beautifully and then Exposed that vulnerability in incredibly intimate ways. The silence on the film spoke volumes, these characters said a lot more when they were silent, sharing small glances at eachother or at something than when they were having actual dialogues and this didn't leave the audience confused. Thats hard to achieve. Anyone who knows me is aware of how much Dialogue is important to me in films, of how much I appreciate dialogues and how they are delivered yet my favorite part about this was the lack of it, especially from Chiron's part. The casting in this was made so beautifully that we could manage to notice small gestures from the character that weren't lost during his transition to a grown man. Chiron's silent glances, the way he would rather look down and leave questions unanswered not even trying to communicate throught words and not being aware of how much he was showing with his expressions alone was beautiful to see.

There were scenes where you could hear the dialogue happening but the video was in slow motion, focusing on the expressions of the characters alone, showing all the emotions that perhaps could never be expressed by characters like these using just words. That's a level of vulnerability I am deeply scared of but want at the same time.

I don't think I've ever seen a metaphor so well done as the 'Blue' one featured in this film. It felt personal, it showed vulnerability as I have never seen before. The score, cinematography, script and performances balance eachother beautifully, the director doesn't try to use just one of these to tell a story while using the others as background, but put them all together to translate to the audience what he wanted us to see. And I think we get it.

In the moonlight, black boys look blue.

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