Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

May God have mercy on those who can't enjoy this.

Most films are saying something even when they aren't, this one is not saying anything even when it is. Rarely have a metaphor been so apt to encapsulate what a movie is like than the one of the donut. It's an irrestible treat with nothing in the middle, but the twist is that inside that middle there's another irresistible treat with nothing in the middle and so on infinitely. You could think that's a bad thing, yet it's virtually impossible to avoid getting wholeheartedly hooked by Johnson's baroque crime script and its fantastic rhythm. Ana de Armas is legitimately great and should be in awards conversation, the rest of the slightly underutilized cast is good too, but Daniel Craig is being hammy in a state of grace here.

P.S.: O título no Brasil podia ser esse

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