Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★★½

An extraordinarily high-end SyFy original film, with the writing of something like a Doctor Who porn parody, that actually is a pretty damn enjoyable modern feminist fairy tale, only dressed up as childlike space fantasy, that's almost giddy about its convolutedness.

More often than not, the Watchowski's passionate command of a movie this silly helps to underplay some of its blatant issues, particularly how much of the music and the editing seems suited for a significantly different tone than what the directors had in mind, which might've been one the main causes behind the critical and popular evisceration that it suffered at the time of its release. Case in point: how these elements ruin a perfectly fine jokey montage about intergalactic bureaucracy.

Now, the real surprise here is how well Redmayne's stunningly clueless performance suits his character in the context of the film. His born with a silver spoon, fragile, egomaniac, bossy, crybaby tyrant with an Oedipus complex is the perfect antagonist for Kunis' altruist, kind-hearted, humble, yet romantic working class heroine. Their physical altercation alone must've been immensely gratifying to experience on the big screen.

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