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  • The Green Fog


  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil


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  • Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny Mnemonic


    "What the fuck is going on? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

    You know, all my life I’ve been careful to stay in my own corner. Looking out for number one, no complications.

    Now, suddenly, I’m responsible for the entire fucking world!

    And everybody and his mother is trying to kill me, if — IF, my head doesn’t blow up first."

    "Maybe it’s not just about you anymore."

    "Listen. You listen to me. You see that city over there? THAT’S…

  • True Confession

    True Confession


    Fred MacMurray's moustache should have been nominated Best Supporting Actor for this role. John Barrymore pops up halfway through and basically steals the show with his sly zaniness and theatricality. Captain Jack Sparrow vibes.

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  • Cats



    Attempt #1 - left after an hour.

    This was like a nightmare where no one stops singing gibberish. It feels like everyone is continuously being introduced via songs that don’t clarify anyone’s motivations. I couldn’t resist laughing out loud at the first cat that I saw. My friend I saw it with threw up when Judy Dench appeared. This movie was an enhanced interrogation technique.

  • Angels Over Broadway

    Angels Over Broadway


    As I understand from your communication, Mr. Engel, you are on the brink of self-destruction — may I shake your hands? A brilliant idea! I speak as one who has destroyed himself a score of times. I am, Mr. Engel, a veteran corpse. We are all corpses here. This rendezvous is one of the musical graveyards of the town — caters to zombies, hopping around with dead hearts and price tags for souls. Humph. Will you join me, sir? It…