Favorite films

  • The Hellstrom Chronicle
  • Sabaku
  • Lord of the Flies
  • The Atrocity Exhibition

Recent activity

  • Entrails of a Beautiful Woman


  • Little Forest: Winter/Spring


  • Wife to Be Sacrificed


  • Tard Spasm


Recent reviews

  • Cadaverous Sonneteer

    Cadaverous Sonneteer


    Depths of cold
    Ocean roar.

    Japanese Death Poems by Yoel Hoffmann (Compiler)

  • That Which Will be Snuffed by the Hand of Darkness

    That Which Will be Snuffed by the Hand of Darkness


    You will not see me at my last hour (I am writing this on my death-bed) surrounded with priests.
    I wish to die cradled upon waves of the stormy sea or standing upon a mountain... my eyes directed not upwards. I know that my annihilation will be complete. Moreover, I shall expect no mercy.
    Who is opening the door of my death-chamber? I said that no one should enter. Whoever you are, leave me. But if you expect to distinguish…

Popular reviews

  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny


    If throughout the movie
    The whole 93 minutes
    Of sheer beauty
    Of absolutely flawless cinematography
    Of jaw-dropping depiction of loneliness
    Of human fragility hauntingly adorned with chagrin, ennui and spleen
    The only thing that grabbed your attention was 4 minutes of unsimulated sexual activity then there's a very, very serious problem there buddy and watching movies shouldn't be your highest priority for the time being.
    Seek help.

  • Melancholie der Engel

    Melancholie der Engel



    Only a certain kind of people feel a special connection with this torturous beauty.
    I'm truly honoured, for I've found great friends through Melancholie der Engel.

    The only film I'm thankful for its existence.

    (Favourite Soundtrack)