Dave Chappelle: The Closer

Dave Chappelle: The Closer ★★★

As a big fan of Dave Chappelle, this felt like a fairly underwhelming (temporary?) conclusion to his saga of comedy specials. It lacked both the wildly “over the line” originality that was Sticks and Stones, and the genuine and sometimes emotional social discussion that was scattered throughout his career and peaked in 8:36. This was an okay special by the end, but probably his weakest.

I am not sure if the note Dave ends on felt cathartic for some who have been critical or offended by some of his jokes throughout his career. I fully support the message that he states at the end of the special, but would like to have heard more growth in his thought process to accompany it. One of Dave’s best attributes is his ability to transcend simple stand up into a legitimate discussion, or even public speaking. This special seemed to be 95% jokes and then a final 5% of his new outlook. A thoughtful mix of the two would have been far more impactful. 

Regardless, I cannot wait to see Dave perform again one day, whenever that may be.

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