Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★

Scorsese often cites Kenneth Anger as an influence on his use of pop music and when watching Scorpio Rising you can't help but think of the hellish red light and doo-wop swagger of Mean Streets. The two films compliment each other nicely, both highly personal and distinctive works that rely on iconic tunes to enhance their themes and ideas. The two films are even structured similarly. You're dropped down into a specific culture and slowly watch as that culture tears itself apart. Both films are infectious, singular and extremely memorable. The thing I love about Anger is that he just didn't seem to give a fuck what people thought about his work. He dared to crack open his skull and show us what dark thoughts went on inside. I also like that Nicolas Winding Refn appaears to be constantly dissecting imagery from Anger's work and peppering it into his own. The performance art of Bronson is clearly influenced by Anger and Ryan Gosling's protagonist in Drive even sports the logo from Scorpio Rising on his jacket. It seems that time only makes Anger more and more relevant, and cooler.