Favorite films

  • Alien
  • An American in Paris
  • Throne of Blood
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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  • The Thin Red Line


  • This Is the End


  • Mysterious Island


  • From Beyond


Recent reviews

  • The Thin Red Line

    The Thin Red Line


    “Nature’s cruel, Staros”

    An astonishing, moving experience that chooses feeling over narrative, and stands out for it.

  • Mysterious Island

    Mysterious Island


    After a genuinely thrilling opening, the film oddly sags after the reach the titular mysterious island. Harryhausen’s work is, as usual, very impressive, but it definitely lacks the creativity of his more fantastical works. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly begging to be revisited, but you can do worse.

    The NY Times in ‘78 called it, “Dandy fantasy-adventure, done with skill and imagination, keyed by fine Bernard Herrman score. A pip of this kind.” and Time Magazine said, “It should thrill the geewillikers out of anyone!" which may be two of my favourite reviews ever.

Popular reviews

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I wanted to give this a higher rating, but the film is too long to have so many elements that feel this underdeveloped. Thematically it has a lot to say about Batman that I really liked, but it dulls that through just how much it screams, “how cool is Batman?!” Though with that music and imagery, it is hard to disagree.

    In the days since seeing it thought that having its cake and eating it attitude, in regards to what…

  • Police Story

    Police Story


    Jackie Chan considers this his best film in terms of, "pure action". You can see why. Deftly mixing with impactful, hard-hitting violence with entertaining sequences of physical comedy, this is one of those films that really proves why Chan was the best.

    As both performer and director he impresses at every point, and surrounding himself with a cast of characters makes sure he doesn't out-shine the other aspects of the film too much.

    I've always considered Drunken Master 2 his performance masterpiece, but as director alone this ensures his place as one of the greatest of all time. It doesn't really get much better than this.