The Little Things

The Little Things ★★

Oscar-winning cast but this film does not have the direction or edginess to be gripping. Set in the 90s, Deputy Sheriff Deacon, played by Denzel Washington, assists hot shot Stg. Baxter, played by Rami Malek, with an investigation of a serial killer in Deacon’s old stomping grounds in LA, similar to a case he worked on years ago. Determined to catch the killer, the obsession reveals troubling secrets that can affect the case. The delivery of the dialogues was dry, the actors were flat like they were reading a script. There was no chemistry build-up between the two leads for the payoff at the end. Jerod Leto was also in this, he was okay but some of the stuff they did with him was goofy. And the tone was all over the place. Not a good Crime Thriller with this many talents.

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