Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins ★½

It’s a silly action-adventure flick. Starring Henry Golding as the title character Snake Eyes, a rogue’s honor, and loyalty are put to the test when he’s welcomed into an ancient Japanese ninja clan after saving one of their own, Tommy aka Storm Shadow played by Andrew Koji. Golding was okay in this, Koji was the more compelling one. Love him in Cinemax’s Warrior, now on HBO. It’s an origin story with tons of expositions. A lot of things didn't make sense but we needed the information to move the story along. There's a CGI snake scene that was long and weird. And it felt like a crossover of two different films when the Baroness and Scarlett arrive. I like the set design and locations. The camera work was shockingly bad. With people like Iko Uwais and many others doing fight choreography, they hid the action behind a shaky cam and extreme close-up shots. They just needed to pull back. It was hard sitting through this when there were technical and script issues. Also, doesn't help if I didn't care for the lead or his motive.

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