Old ★½

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest supernatural thriller film was a mess. A family on vacation was invited by the resort along with a small group of people to an exclusive beach and it takes a turn when they all start aging at an abnormal rate. Such an uneven performance. I liked the kids more than the adult actors. The dialogue was clunky. They over-explained everything yet it still was riddled with plot holes. Instead of organically introducing characters, they made the kids run around asking everyone for their name and occupation. That’s just lazy writing. There was also a character used as a device to build up a villain. The rule was inconsistent. And the camera angles were jarring at first but once I figured out why people were distorted or not in a frame, I thought it was smart. The contorting scene was creepy. There was a part in the movie where they could have concluded but they had to drag out that ending. It was a poorly executed film.

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