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  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    Script issues aside, this fucking rips. First time in ages that an MCU film has properly grabbed me. Genuinely loved it.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Dark without being grim. Campy without being silly. A near perfect combination of the fun of a good superhero movie and the seriousness we’ve come to expect from a Batman story. It really gives you the best of both worlds. It’s 2 hours of an epic gothic crime thriller followed by one of the most exhilarating superhero movie climaxes in years. Didn’t 100% buy into some of the emotional moments (mainly the family stuff), but I loved it nonetheless.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    As someone who generally hates Wes Anderson’s more stylised films (Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr Fox) and appreciates his at least slightly more grounded offerings (Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom, Darjeeling Limited), I was absolutely shocked to love this one. For the first time I thought the super heightened aesthetic informed the story and didn’t just feel like a choice made to invite screenshotting and best cinematography nominations. Maybe that’s me being harsh on other films of his but this is the first that…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Fully can’t fathom the hatred for this. I know people are finding the meta-themes quite jarring, but that stuff is kinda limited to the first act and honestly I wouldn’t have minded a little more of it? I’ll admit I missed the old visual style somewhat but the action, although not on par with what came before, really did work for me especially towards the end. I appreciated the relatively small scale stakes as well. Not everything is explained in the clearest way, but I was fully wrapped up in it and I bought every emotional beat and to be honest I kinda loved it.

  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Andrew Garfield you delightful man. I was beginning to think I’d never enjoy a musical again, but this was great. This could easily have disappeared up its own arse as a ‘troubled-genius’ type story, and it does have shades of that, but it worked as a much broader story about responsibility, friendship and maturity. I even liked most of the songs (30/90 and Boho Days are in my head forever now). It’s also a film made by musical theatre nerds about…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I was expecting all the past Spider-Man characters to overshadow Tom Holland, but I got the opposite of that. The best thing about this film is that after the wheel-spinning disappointment of Far From Home, this iteration of Spider-Man finally gets another meaty and emotionally affecting story. It doesn’t feel distractingly connected to the rest of the MCU, it’s finally pure Spider-Man. They really put Peter through the wringer here, and Tom Holland responds with his strongest performance yet that’s both endearing…

  • Wild Target

    Wild Target


    Dreadful poster, but this was one of the rare times when you stick something on Netflix out of desperation and it’s actually good. Three endearingly silly performances with great chemistry, brilliant visual comedy, just an all round hoot.

  • Eternals



    Comfortably my favourite MCU film post-Endgame, although that’s not a particularly high bar to clear. This is fully deserving of credit though. Sure it’s a two and a half hour ‘getting-the-gang-back-together’ scene, but the gang in question are just so likeable and well drawn I couldn’t help but enjoy it all anyway. For once the world ending stakes feel appropriate for the story, but Zhao does a decent job of keeping things feeling personal amongst the planet-sized villains and volcanic…

  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    Great film but you cannot tell me anybody actually understands a single bit of the plot.

  • Sherpa



    Not the documentary I was expecting at all, but all the better for that shock. Before I watched this I guess I always kind of admired people who climb Everest just for the sheer difficulty of it. Not any more! There’s some, and I use this phrase in the most literal sense here, absolutely jaw-dropping footage in here, and I don’t just mean in terms of beautiful landscape shots of the Himalayas.

  • Once



    Me during the first song: This is just twee Coldplay worship. I do not care for this. This film sucks.

    Me when the first song comes back for the final scene: TAAAAAAAAAAKE THIIIIIIIS SIIIIIIIIIINKING BOOOAAT

  • Ratatouille



    Think I only saw this once as a kid? Which feels wrong but I remembered barely any apart from that delicious looking cheesy lightning mushroom. Very delightful.