Rory has written 92 reviews for films during 2020.

  • Dark Skies

    Dark Skies


    Thought this would be a full on sci-fi film but it turned out to be an average supernatural horror dressed up in an alien costume. The initial glimpses of the aliens were pretty creepy and it briefly threatened to go a bit X-Filesy when JK Simmons turned up, but aside from those moments this didn’t really work for me. I think that was mostly because the husband and wife dynamic at the centre of the story just didn’t convince me…

  • Night Hunter

    Night Hunter


    Not much to say here really. Extremely generic crime thriller featuring some good actors trying their best with pretty average material. Was enjoying it a decent amount until the absolutely rubbish twist, after which it lost me.

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    Who the fuck told Gal Gadot to run like that? Every single time the theme music played and she ran down the street like she’d shit herself in zero gravity I was in full tears. Those moments proved to be some of the better ones in the end, but still. This seems to be a film about how wanting to better yourself is pointless and how the world is, in fact, just fine the way it is? This genuinely feels like…

  • Soul



    Why the fuck is Graham Norton in this I love it so much.

  • Easy A

    Easy A


    Easy 3 stars and a like.

  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga


    Pierce Brosnan’s attempt at an Icelandic accent changed my life.

  • Holidate



    The story of two star-crossed lovers who are just always conveniently at the same fucking mall.

  • The Midnight Sky

    The Midnight Sky


    It’s genuinely more entertaining to count the scenes directly copied from other, better sci-fi films that it is to watch this. I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating, but pretty much everything that takes place before the last 40 minutes here is absolutely superfluous. After that point there are a few moments that genuinely hit, surprisingly including the ending, but my GOD is the rest tedious. George Clooney trudges through Antarctica devoid of any characterisation barring a few shoehorned in flashbacks…

  • His House

    His House


    Goes a little overboard with the dream sequences towards the end, but spooky and sad nonetheless.

  • Yes, God, Yes

    Yes, God, Yes


    Takes a seemingly specific context and manages to make it hugely universal and authentic to the more general teenage experience. This captures better than most similar films the awkward and subtlely world-shattering experience of learning about sex for the first time, and I really thought it was great. It undermines itself a little at the end with some more generic feeling moments, but the majority of the film is a joy.

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    Really gonna struggle to see Anya Taylor-Joy as any other character after that. I love chess, apparently.

  • Johnny English Strikes Again

    Johnny English Strikes Again


    Not really a film, but more of a collection of unfunny sketches, all of which go on for about ten minutes too long. How many fucking times can these films go for the ‘list-of-our-agents-names-has-been-leaked’ bit and still think it’s fun? Obviously this is a parody so it might be taking the piss out of that trope, but it’s still fucking boring.