tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★

Andrew Garfield you delightful man. I was beginning to think I’d never enjoy a musical again, but this was great. This could easily have disappeared up its own arse as a ‘troubled-genius’ type story, and it does have shades of that, but it worked as a much broader story about responsibility, friendship and maturity. I even liked most of the songs (30/90 and Boho Days are in my head forever now). It’s also a film made by musical theatre nerds about musical theatre nerds for musical theatre nerds. That’s nowhere near an objective criticism, but some of the reverence for Larson did start to feel a teensy bit over the top towards the end. It also never quite defines itself as a biopic or an adaption, which could have been cool if they’d played around with those blurred lines a little more, but in the end it just wound up feeling a bit messy. Those couple of things did take me out of it somewhat, but I could easily have given this a higher rating if not for them.

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