The King's Man

The King's Man ★★★½

Trades the bonkers energy of the first two instalments for more drama with mixed results. Didn’t love the massive stakes of the plot, would have preferred if it had chosen one villain and done something smaller scale with them (preferably Rhys Ifans’ delightful Rasputin). Pacing is a bit ropey due to a half an hour interlude when it becomes a full on war film which seems hell bent on reminding you that 1917 is a much better film, right down to the George McKay doppelgänger they cast for it. The action is as creatively shot and thrilling as ever though, and there are some genuinely brilliant moments when it does revert to the whacky energy the series is known for. The main character arc is a bit odd though. It’s basically about a man embracing violence and rejecting pacifism, which might have worked within the tone of the previous films, but in this slightly less comedic film it feels bizarre. The historical revisionism is fun for the most part, but the mid credits scene is absolute garbage.