Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★½

Excruciatingly awkward and delightfully unpleasant. Not every thread gets fully fleshed out, but what does get given attention is great. I particularly liked the contrast between Danielle’s personal and family lives, and for me the best comedy and drama came out of that. The score, which at times is a few notes away from sounding like it belongs in a horror, is cool as well and contributes to some of the funniest moments in the film. I didn’t quite feel the tension and claustrophobia to the degree that a lot of people seem to, but I really enjoyed this. Between it’s short length, understated ending and a few dangling threads, it does feel a bit like an episode of a Netflix comedy-drama rather than a film though. That’s not necessarily the worst thing, but certain relationships and plot elements were progressed in a way that felt like only part of the story. The conclusion here is strong to be fair, but it just felt like it was constructed to be followed by a few more episodes to really tie things together.