Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★★

They say that about people who killed themselves. That they seemed fine.” - Erin

Wow. Mike Flanagan did it again. I didn’t think anything would ever top the Haunting of Hill House, but here we are!

I had the privilege to watch the first two episodes of Midnight Mass this past Wednesday, and boy did they have me hyped to finish the rest. I thought I had an idea where this show was going…. man, that's quite funny to me looking back. Midnight Mass is quite a shocking show that is best consumed when going in knowing nothing, which the marketing really helped. This is probably Mike Flanagan’s most horrific work yet, and I was genuinely shocked and found myself quite disturbed a lot during the last 3rd of the show. You have been warned!

As often as the show is horrific, it’s quite beautiful and poetic. The religious exploration in the show was deeply compelling to me. I grew up in a very religious household, so this subgenre has always been effective. Midnight Mass approached it in a way I wasn’t expecting. Mike Flanagan is more worried about philosophical questions than just condemning religion. I wasn’t expecting to be moved by his thoughts and overall statements on religion. I’m still sitting in shock and awe. This was obviously a very important story to Flanagan and it shows. Well done man, well done!

I know a lot of people will not finish this show because of the pace in the beginning. This is a shame because not only is there a lot of good character work going on in the early episodes, but almost anything is worth sitting through just to experience the last two episodes specifically. Drop whatever you’re doing and watch Midnight Mass instead!

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