Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★

So we're back on this being a movie? Cool.

The Journey of Dougie Jones is so fucking incredible. It's all incredible. I was thrilled, perplexed, and moved by every moment in this return to Twin Peaks. It was first of all an honor to see David Lynch back in the directing chair, not only performance wise, but as a cinematic eccentric. His propensity for long shots, dissolves, and whatever the fuck happens during the supernatural moments of this show (episode 3's purple world stuff has successfully changed the way my nightmares play out) prove that in the league of older filmmakers still in the game, he deserves to be near the head of the pack. Plus, Lynch never felt abstract or complex without a coherent sensation tethered to it here. Whether it's collective determination trying to get answers, or eager wistfulness in hoping that your favorite characters are okay, or pure enjoyment in seeing the new, weird, and scary antics that Frost and Lynch throw at you, Twin Peaks: The Return is one of the most rewarding experiences I had the pleasure of enjoying this year.

While we're here, I have to say; that Charlene Yi segment up against the performance of "Axolotl" by The Veils might be my favorite anything of this whole year.

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