The Little Things

The Little Things ★★½

"The Little Things" tries so so hard to be moody like "Se7en", investigative like "Zodiac" and introspective like "True Detective", but unfortunately doesn't hit the mark in any of these ambitions.

The moodiness comes over as stale, the investigative process lacks excitement and the introspective angle is hampered by the woeful miscasting of Rami Malek as a 90s homicide detective. I've got nothing against Rami, he's awesome in Bohemian Rhapsody and Mr. Robot, but his appearance and acting style is completely out of place in what is supposed to be a gritty crime procedural. Washington and Leto fit their roles much better and provide some nice moments, but nothing that can elevate the movie above its rehash roots.

Yet, for all the talky and unexciting machinations it takes the film to get to its resolution, the actual ending of the story made a favorable impression on me. So much so that the final aftertaste was a satisfactory one, making my mind linger on the repercussions of the unfolded tale. Hence I'm giving "The Little Things" a middling mark, whereas initially my mind was squarely set on a negative score. And that doesn't happen often with me, so take it as you see fit.

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