Cruella ★★★½

Cruella is definitely entertaining and there is no doubt that it is excellently made, its problems lie in the story, which in my opinion is not strong enough to cover its almost two and a half hour running time.

Personally I haven't disliked any of the new Disney remakes with the exception of 2019's The Lion King, but despite this I do recognize that doing the same story of the animated films is pretty lazy so I really appreciate that in this adaptation it was quite different from the original film and presented a new story and style.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are wonderful in this movie and really elevate the material given, all their scenes together are really fantastic. The production quality is impeccable, the costume design is really superb and deserves all the awards, the production design is also fantastic and the film recreates the London of the 70s fantastically. The soundtrack is wonderful with a lot of classics but sometimes so many songs in a row can feel a bit suffocating.

The biggest problem of the movie is the plot itself, the first 20 minutes are a bit silly and don't reflect well what the movie will be. When they show Cruella as an adult things get really interesting and quite entertaining, unfortunately it gets a bit repetitive at the end of the second act. The ending is ok but passable for this movie.

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