Logan ★★★★★

A reviewer that I love recently wrote that we are living in the golden age of comic book movies and it's true. Whether it's batman vs superman, man of steel, winter solider, deadpool, they all got one thing in common, they tell these stories of a superhero ina different and fresh way. They always change the game. And I'm happy to say that Logan is in that league.

What's great about this film? First off, Hugh jackman as wolverine. The dude has been wolverine for almost 2 decades now and after 2 decades and many films, he's finally comic book wolverine minus the costume. He really is the old man Logan of the comics. He's this weathered, hard drinking old man who just wants to find some peace because he's been through so much shit. Logans been alive since the 1840s. He's pretty just done at this point and it was exactly like how I know the old man Logan version of the character to be. Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier was interesting to me. It's interesting because of where they went with his character. Not spoiling anything but with where they went with him was hard to watch. Boyd Holbrook as the bad guy I liked. I like Boyd Holbrook. I stopped watching narcos because it kinda bored me but he was the standout of that show and he was a good bad guy. He's was dickish and yet he was threatening. And X-23 is fucking awesome. She doesn't say much in the movie. She mostly just scowls. But she's such a badass that you don't care if she says little.

The opening credits sets the tone for this movie easily. You're like "yep! This is rated r and for a gold reason." The decapations and action is just so awesome and pretty shocking too. Yeah this isn't a film for the kids. The trailers proved that but I have to remind you that. Because holy fuck is the violence insane! And not in a deadpool "wow that was cool" way. More like an "ouch that's gotta hurt" way. They throw out f-bombs galore and I know some people worried that it would seem forced from the trailers and really it wasn't. Makes sense considering the fact that Logan and X are grumpy old men so they would say "yeah fuck it." Thank god deadpool was a success. Otherwise this wouldn't have been Greenlit.

But what this film does is something I can compare with the dark knight and that's taking a certain genre and putting in comic characters in the mix. You know with the dark knight it was a crime film that happened to have batman, joker and two face. This is the case where it's a western like a no country for old men or hell or high water that happens to have wolverine, x-23 and Xavier in the mix. In that, this film is character study. This ain't like apocalypse or deadpool where it's action, action, action. This has many slow moments with the characters and that may turn people off. They want it to be non stop wolverine killing people and it's not. It's a character study. I feel like it's the wolverine movie jackman had always wanted to do.

Guys Logan is a proper send off to jackmans wolverine. It was emotional, exciting and hit me in so many ways and that's awesome. That's what it should do, you know? Isn't it rare in a trilogy how the first film sucks, the second is pretty good and the third is fucking amazing? Guess they save the best for last!

Minor note: get to the theater early. There's something really cool before the movie starts.

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