City of God

City of God ★★★★★

Holy shit, it was for me, a hidden gem... I knew this film existed, I knew little information of it too, which makes sense to answering the question: why the fuck didn't I watch it earlier.. 
Loved it, the cruelty so well portrayed in this movie, the acting of every single one of the actors,  it was so, so good, so satisfying... To see the reality, the way things were, all of this, realised for me at the end, when (HOLY FUCK) it was based on a true story... Holy fucking shit.
This movie immersed me in such a way, that my deductive part when watching a movie, was gone, it was all awe... The only reaction I had.. And it was fucking worth it.
The colours were just beautiful, the camera movements were good, messy, like every damn situation in the movie, and that's probably one of the reasons why I felt so immersed in the movie... the narrative was really good, how Buscapé told the story, was so good, we got to know every detail of it, and it was beautifully made.
There're two things that I'll call them plot twists because I didn't expect them at all, the fact that the man that Mané Galinha killed was the father of the kid he told not to get into war, and he first introducing to the gang because he wanted to avenge his father's death, that shit, I didn't fucking expect it... And well, right at the end, the gang of kids, killing Zé Pequeño, holy fuck, that was so beautiful to see, unexpected yet beautiful... Love the movie, Brazilian masterpiece!!!

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