Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★

"Newly Super. Almost Heroes."


I really like McCarthy as an actress/comedian. I think she is a genuinely funny person, when given the right material. Films like "Identity Thief", "The Heat", "Bridesmaids" and "Spy" are prime examples of McCarthy being at the top of her game. The unfortunate part is that, more often than not , she's not very funny in her husband's movies. I'm also pretty hit or miss on them. I honestly hate "Tammy" and "The Boss" but didn't mind "Superintelligence" all that much and actually really enjoyed "Life Of The Party". So I was curious to see where I would fall with this one.

This definitely had it's moments but too much of the film feels like it's overcompensating. A large portion of the jokes go on way too long and they end up feeling more cringey than funny. The screenplay is also written by Falcone and it's very obvious that he lacks restraint when it comes to the aggressively mediocre humor. McCarthy and Spencer have decent chemistry together but their friendship doesn't feel all that fleshed out.

The supporting cast is quite strong with Cannavale playing yet another villian, Klementieff playing his laser shooting right-hand woman and Leo serving as Spencer's security advisor. The biggest highlight of the supporting cast is easily Bateman as a robber with crab arms. It's completely absurd but he really takes it all in stride. In fact I'd say his scenes with McCarthy are the funniest in the film. He actually plays a bigger role than I expected.

The film is directed fine but it lacks style and substance in equal measure. The occasional action scenes are pretty fun but they're not as frequent as I would have liked. This isn't a bad film, it just settles for the bare minimum far too often. It's mindless and fast-paced but it definitely feels like with a different director, it could have been something far more special. It is what it is. It's definitely better than "Tammy" and "The Boss" but it falls pretty short of "Life Of The Party". I think I prefer "Superintelligence" over this but I'm still going to give it the same score. I hope Falcone lets other people write his films from now on cause he's fine at directing but severely lacking as a writer.

2/5 stars.

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