Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick ★★★★½

Man this was good, idk if I should rate this 4 or 4 1/2, I’m also not sure if I liked this more than the original. They’re both great. This one was just such a great sequel. LOTS of parallels to the original, maybe a bit too many but it’s alright. The way they continued the story was great too. Not sure why Kelly McGillis wasn’t in this and I feel like she would’ve been better in Jennifer Connelly’s role but it still worked. The writing and acting was good enough to make it not a huge issue. I also liked how they brought Val Kilmer back, would’ve liked him to have more screen time and a larger role but it is what it is and I’m glad we got what we got and his character was still written and handled well. So overall I enjoyed this one a lot, still can’t decide which I like better, I’ll probably have to watch them again to decide…

Edit: just realized that Val Kilmer actually did lose his voice and his lines in this were recreated with A.I. so yeah

Another edit: also just realized Jennifer Connelly’s character was mentioned in the other movie so her appearance makes more sense, still stand by what I said but the reason for her being there is good and makes sense

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