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  • Bubbles Galore

    Bubbles Galore

    More pride month oddity viewing! It seems shocking that a women written-and-directed Canadian camp meltdown with Nina Hartley as a bisexual porn director and Annie Sprinkle as god could end up hopelessly obscure, but I guess that any such gleefully z-grade work that's so simultaneously completely ridiculous, messily experimental, actually totally explicit is going to wind up inevitably niche (and with a 3.2 on imdb). With dense intercutting and overlays thanks to the editing of great Su Rynard. It's a Christmas movie. The score is out of control and a bit maddening. But the ending to all this admitted nonsense was... kinda weirdly satisfying?

  • Glitter Goddess of Sunset Strip

    Glitter Goddess of Sunset Strip

    The daughter of the most noted lesbian in Orange County rebels by experimenting with heterosexuality. It's a documentary! Made out of bits of trashy talk show appearances of the 80s! The video-scummed reenactments in this are completely godawful and so basically couldn't be any better!

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  • Totally Fucked Up

    Totally Fucked Up

    Someone warned me that this was about 85 percent teen angst, but they failed to tell me that the other 15 percent was postmodern video diary structuralism, complete with Dennis Cooper name check. And I can't not love that early Araki energy, or the way gay fiction of this era posits a universe where straight people are relegated to background plot points at best. One of the leads gets seduced by the promise of rare Nine Inch Nails bootlegs, but honestly the whole early 90s industrial/fuzz zeitgeist soundtrack is a delight.

  • Knife+Heart



    A couple years ago, Maya and I got caught up in a conversation on a feature film we'd have tried to make if that was something we could reasonably do: a modern giallo rethinking where exclusively beautiful young men die, free to bask in the questionable aesthetics of death the genre trades in by flipping the codes. It seemed so obvious that we couldn't believe no one had done it, at least as far as we could think of. Well…