Ma ★★★½

This was just what I needed. After being a pretty disappointing year for film so far (and a pretty shitty week in general), this was a breath of fresh air. One of the most fun theatre experiences I've had in a while. Octavia Spencer is chilling and the film actually scared me. The last 20 minutes or so made me sick. It also did something that a lot of horror films, especially modern ones, fail to explore, which is the villain's motive. They actually went deeper into Ma's past than I thought they were going to and it gave depth to the character, which I enjoyed seeing. The film and the trailer were made in a way that markets the film as being mysterious, making you wonder what the hell is going to happen. Most horror films just give it away within a few seconds, but this one kept it a mystery and I very much appreciated it. Not to mention, the film is overall very fun, despite the first half being a bit slow, but that's part of the mystery. Believe me, the payoff is worth it.

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