Bros ★★

Really wanted to like this, but yikes. Main character needs some intensive therapy to address his “misery loves company” complex, or at least a friend or two that challenge him to do some self-reflection and recognize his proclivity for projection. Billy Eichner is playing Billy Eichner, and his multiple monologues quickly become eye-roll inducing. While he/his character believes the “world” is telling him that he needs to be less himself in order to be palatable, perhaps removing his lens of insecurity would allow him to see that the “world” is instead encouraging him to heal from his trauma rather than identifying as it. 

Otherwise enjoyable for what it was. Less comedic than perhaps what I was expecting, but perhaps that’s not a totally bad thing as *some* of the more serious/dramatic content was semi-thought provoking. The most fun to be had comes from the supporting cast.

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