M3GAN ★★½

Despite its ridiculous title, that its a January release and the fact that its a horror film, M3gan is a fun time.

M3gan tells the story of Gemma and her niece who live with M3gan, an AI lifelike toy doll. But when people start to go missing, Gemma and her niece start to suspect that these disapperances and accidents are somehow linked to the lifelike doll...

These kinds of movies are a dime a dozen, but one thing that M3gan has that films such as Chucky don't is that they partially avoid the tropes of the genre. Jump scares and fake outs are present but not all to frequent. The movie also comments on society's over dependence on technology, which surprisingly felt Veerhovenesque in a way thanks to some well written and acted dark comedic moments. This film isn't aiming to be an awards contender or anything of the like. It knows what it is and is proud of it.

Don't get me wrong its not going to be one of the best horror films of all time or anything special, but if what you're looking for is a good time at the pictures with some laughs and interesting social commentary about society's overreliance on technology I say go for it.
But keep in mind what it is...

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