Barbie ★★★★

i’m genuinely so floored just how much i enjoyed this. literally everyone is putting their everything into this. it’s such a love letter while also being so critical…. i just couldn’t take my eyes away i was glued to the screen. my only criticisms are that it was definitely too cis-centric in how they tackled gender and i, as a trans person, wish there could’ve been something between the binary of it all. but i understand that this would be difficult for cis writers and cis directors to achieve, so that’s another topic for another day lol. also the multiple themes where one was definitely more thought out than the other. some the writing was definitely giving early 2000s “battle of the sexes” vibes but idrc, this didn’t diminish my enjoyment at all. i like camp. i was laughing i was CRYING..? the fact this movie got into my obsession with mortality.. yeah

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