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This review may contain spoilers.

"She's like you. Very much like you"

Noir Edition

The fact this Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are not being talked about for awards baffles me. Both give awards worthy performances here, bringing new aspects to characters they have played half a dozen times or more.

The Noir Edition didn't really add anything new for me. If anything, it takes away from film. The Mexico scenes in Logan had a brightness to them, the bright yellow of the sand almost acting like another antagonist to them. Even the violence is, somewhat, subdued, thanks to lack of any colour. However, there are moments of beauty that happen in the Noir Edition. The scene on the farm works even better here, especially Xavier's final moments.

On my first watch, I thought the X-24 stuff was a little silly but still worked. In the Noir Edition, it actually better for me as the difference in looks between Logan and X-24 became narrower adding to relationship between them.

Overall, still the best depiction of Wolverine on screen, but I'll be sticking to the regular edition for further viewings.

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