Mirror ★★★★★

Roger Ebert once described Synecdoche, New York as "a film that should never be seen unless you've already seen it at least once", and while that's certainly an accurate description for it, I can't help but feel that it fits Mirror so much more perfectly. This is gorgeous and potentially life-affirming, but at the moment my head is so utterly frazzled by its mere existence that I can't come up with anything more specific or insightful than "it's really really good" or "here's someone else's description of a completely different film".

But, yeah, huge potential for this to become a future 5-star*, it just needs a bit of time, because if I tried to actually give this a proper evaluation without watching it again, my brain would melt all over my keyboard and then I'd be physically incapable of watching it again, which wouldn't be too ideal a situation.

* Edit (07/07/16): Decided to bump it up to five stars without a second viewing because who the fuck am I kidding

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