Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★

Exactly what you'd expect from a Leitch film, it's Deadpool without the surprise enjoyment that came from seeing an action film that was irreverent and frankly a little stupid. Now that's most action films and so Bullet Train feels behind the curve at points. At others it has fun gory action, competent pay-offs and a villain played with such unhinged energy it would put Hanks in Elvis to shame.

Pitt isn't really putting much in here, and large segments do leave him behind - which is for the best. Though I will say his one man mission to just get off the train provides a solid backbone as a lot of other nonsense unfolds around him (people are going to be disappointed by how little screen time some actors have for the sake of 'comedy').

There's also a surprisingly amount of lowkey racism in the usual exotification of Japanese people and their culture, for a film based on a book where pretty much all the characters actually were Japanese.

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