Casablanca ★★★★★


Believe the hype.

This movie has aged brilliantly! Easily the most modern 78-year-old film I've ever seen. Which means I'm finding it impossible to not view some aspects of Casablanca more harshly than I would in other films of its era. The pacing is spotty. Multiple aspects of the iconic ending are a bit of a letdown when compared to what comes before. But damn, Michael Curtiz even made the film's flaws look good.

Humphrey Bogart? Incredible. The man can make multi-page monologues feel like pulse-pounding action scenes. Ingrid Bergman? Outstanding. She's so deep into this you can't tell where each layer of her character ends or begins. Conrad Veidt? Phenomenal. He's so despicable you'll want to shoot him yourself.

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