Tombstone ★★★★

This is such a strange movie when you really consider it.

First of all, Kurt Russell really does give a Great Performance, and yet it’s Val Kilmer who just walks away with the show.

But then there’s all the behind the scenes, inside-baseball stuff.

That the writer, who was most known for Rambo: First Blood, Pt. II, and Glory, was the original director, filmed for an entire month and then was removed by the studio. 

The studio then asks Kurt Russell to take over and he agrees, but he doesn’t want his name on it, (or maybe didn’t want to join another union?) so he calls up his old pal Sylvester Stallone and asks him if he knows of any directors willing to just put their name on the movie but not really direct and Sly does! The director of Rambo: First Blood, Pt. II! How weird is that? 

What’s also striking is that the script is one of the most quotable pieces of writing, and yet Jarre isn’t really thought of as a quotable director? Not a lot of juicy turns of phrase in The Devil’s Own.

I know that 80-90% of this movie is bullshit that’s the epitome of “print the legend”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining. Just look at that cast of dudes. The cast list reads like a call-sheet for mean bastards or cowards. Fucking rules.

Anyways, I’ve seen this a million times and its still pretty fantastic, and after every time I watch it I have to stop myself from quoting Doc Holliday for the rest of the day.

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