The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

Just the coolest god damn shit. A whole section of the movie is called “The Night Blade Feeds.” This movie is metal as fuck. The perfect blend of legend and van mural. There’s a skeleton fight. These dudes are bad dudes, every dude you see, grimy ass dude. But our main dude has a Night Blade, and get this - it feeds. 

Iceland is crazy as fuck. Looks incredible here. This whole movie is stunningly photographed. It captures the cold atmosphere so well I felt my body temperature drop until the movie went to Hell. 

Ethan Hawke gives the performance his whole career has been building to and it fucking goes so hard. Dafoe’s head gives the goods, too. This whole movie raids your village and puts it to the torch. 

Fucking Yes.

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