• The World's Greatest

    The World's Greatest


    The World's Greatest made me laugh a lot and cry a little, and that's what I hope for from cinema: to experience the range of human emotion in one sitting.

  • Space Jam

    Space Jam


    Jokes that I didn’t get as an 8 year old that I do now:

    Bugs: “Please! What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team The Ducks!”

    Bill Murray: “Producer’s a friend of mine, teamster dropped me off.”

    Charles Barkley: “I won't go out with Madonna again.”

    Swackhammer: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn't know Dan Aykroyd was in this picture!”

    Whatever age you are, this movie’s still a fun time.

  • Mack & Rita

    Mack & Rita

    A delightful and adorable little movie about finding the courage to really be yourself in a world that tries to make you anything but.

  • The Rock

    The Rock


    Great action movie or greatest?

    My introduction to The Rock was a copy my brother recorded off of HBO on a VHS tape in maybe ’96 or ’97. I was 8 years old and I fell in love. Did I have any business watching The Rock at 8 years old? Does it really matter at this point?

    Over the years I’ve always returned to it. I bought it on DVD, then on blu-ray and will probably buy a 4K if…

  • Nope



    Many influences on display here but Peele brings plenty from his own toolbox to make this one of the more original offerings in recent memory. I was riveted to my seat for two hours and that’s a rare feat these days.

  • True Lies

    True Lies


    Maybe the first R-rated movie I ever watched. My brother is six years older than me and during trips to our dad’s every other weekend in the mid nineties, we would stay up late and wear out our VHS copy of this. I was probably 7 years old.

    I loved it then and I still love it now.

    Yeah, admittedly there are some aspects that don’t hold up as well three decades later, but few pieces of art are truly…

  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled


    Certainly one of the coolest and most badass films I’ve ever seen, but at a certain point it all started to become numbing. There are only so many gunshots and dead people a movie can give me. The scenes never lost their luster but began to lose their significance.

    There were plenty of incredible moments that made you wonder how the hell they filmed that, though, and the audience I watched it with made them all the better.

    I think I saw nearly every 90s action movie I love in this movie, so thanks for that, John Woo.

  • Over/Under



    I’m a 33 year old man and I still related to this movie about two pre-teen girls and cried like a 9 year old boy at the end.

    I love the opening scene with the waves and music and how that repeated throughout, the brilliant simplicity of that final shot, and all the beautiful little moments in between.

    A wonderful debut from Sophia Silver. If she decides to make another, I will be there for it.

  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    One of the more melancholic films I have ever seen. It bored me at times, yet I was often transfixed and weirdly fascinated. I don’t think I can ever watch it again, and I’m not even entirely sure I’m glad I did, yet I’ve a feeling I’ll be thinking about it for a bit.

  • RRR



    A few days after seeing this, I was at a bodega in the east village. The two cashiers were talking to each other in their native tongue, so as I often do, I started a conversation and asked them where they were from. They told me India. I excitedly asked if they had seen RRR. Their faces lit up and after maybe three minutes it felt like we were all best friends.

    Cinema: connecting cultures from every part of the world for over a century.

  • Aliens



    Just a cool 80s sci-fi action movie that unfortunately didn’t quite live up to 35 years of hype for me. I’ll rewatch down the road with different expectations and report back. I recognize they’re two different styles but as of now I definitely prefer the first movie.

  • GoodFellas



    Saw it in 35mm at the Village East Cinema. Only my second time, and the first was on DVD 15 years ago.

    Happy to report this movie still f*cks.

    The quick pace, soundtrack and comedic elements stood out for me, surely amplified by the audience. Pesci is both hysterical and terrifying, De Niro is De Niro, the supporting cast of characters are fantastic and Liotta and his narration form the backbone of it all.

    “I’m gonna go get the papers (get the papers).”