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  • Breaking Fast


  • Hashtag Blessed: The Movie

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  • Breaking Fast

    Breaking Fast


    All I wanted was for Mo to list off what he liked about Kal.

    I cam into this movie a huge fan of the original short. In actuality the original short is my favorite short film that I have ever seen. So, I was very concerned walking into this.

    I liked it. Which is a huge win here. I typically do not enjoy remakes of shorts. But I believe that this film was able to keep close enough to the…

  • Hashtag Blessed: The Movie

    Hashtag Blessed: The Movie

    Edit: I am living in a parallel dimension where this thing has won 11 awards... how?

    Uhm... I love bad movies and I love Christmas Movies... but bruh. This felt like a 1990's movie that was something I just came across, but from my understanding this is a new movie.

    To be fair, I found this movie on accident and it was mislabeled, so I walked in expecting something good and gay, and this was neither of those things.


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  • Latter Days

    Latter Days


    I cannot recommend this movie enough. As far as I am concerned this movie made a huge leap forward in the quality of queer cinema when it was released. There is a depth and level of development that you just do not see in movies released before the 2010's.

    This movie’s power rankings:

    Initial Reaction: 10/10
    Replay-ability: 8/10
    Plot: 8/10
    Star Quality: 9/10
    Intervention-ability: 8/10
    Arbitration: 0

    Total Score: 86%

    Directed by the same man behind the massive hit, Sweet…

  • Out



    Mom?! Stop being so damn involved... dammit!

    3/5: Acting a little bland, Good Plot, Good Pace, Felt good for a short