Sick ★★½

Stylish and incredibly directed...but easily the most generic horror film since 'No Exit'.

'Sick' is a slasher film set during the COVID pandemic of 2020...for some reason? As the film kept going, I was wondering what was the relevance of the pandemic for this specific story?

The answer: preachy nonsense.

I'm reminded of all the films post-9/11 that tackled the themes, imagery, and horror of the September tragedy but nearly all of those films were tasteless & poorly conceived.

Like did 'Man of Steel', a Superman movie, really need to evoke the same shock & terror of 9/11 in its 3rd act? Not at all.

'Sick' is exactly that...but for COVID.

Take the pandemic out of this story and the film is even blander for its unoriginal plot. There is no hook to set this apart from any other slasher.

Because the ACTUAL reveal is so unbelievably lame, it made me roll my eyes so far back I could see my brain facepalming.

Like if I were to theorize beyond the stupid reveal, and believe me, this is a MASSIVE stretch, could the killers also represent the virus? Like literal home intruders? Even if the director & writers said yes, that's still not as impressive as you're making it out to be. What's next, you gonna pitch to me "it was all a dream" too and act as if that's genius?

For all of its good acting, amazing cinematography, and excellent fight sequences...'Sick' is a waste of talent for a story this boring.

I would love to see director John Hyams succeed somewhere else because this film is well-made but it definitely needed a more clever script.

'Sick' is the type of film 'Scream (1996)' was making fun of 27 years ago and somehow, Kevin Williamson wrote both. Utter betrayal.

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