Stalker ★★★★★

Oh. So this is what a metaphor looks like. 

A spiritualist, a scientist, and an atheist writer walk into a Zone. The Zone is a metaphor for a lot of things but things aren’t normal here. At the end lies a Room that grants you your deepest desire. Annnnnnnnd GO!

They are in the underworld, traversing an acid trip, where everything has meaning and symbolism and is based on your spiritual state.

Took me until the 45 minute point where Takovsky Wizard-of-Oz’d it. Then I was hooked. 

So much here. If you thought Synecdoche, New York was a mind blower, just wait til you meet Tarkovsky. 

This was my first Tarkovsky. I’m shook.

Recommended for dropping LSD, turning on the lava lamp, and buckling up for this bumpy psychedelic ride.

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