Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

A film that feels like it always was and always shall be. 

After a small farming village learns that bandits are going to raid after their next harvest, they seek out samurai who will protect them. Seven samurai sign up for the job and rally the village people to fend off the inevitable invaders. 

This is my first Kurosawa film, and it is a sheer joy to see a master at work. 

There’s no end to the praises one could sing about this masterpiece. The composition, pacing, editing, writing, acting, movement, tension, suspense, comedy, drama, this film has everything. 

While it didn’t fly by, the three and a half hours did not drag one bit, and every single part of the film felt crucial and essential. 

Such character building, tropes that are both ancient and original, people who are fully fleshed and full-bodied.

I haven’t seen “The Magnificent Seven”, but I cannot imagine it is anywhere near the magnificence of this film. 

A timeless classic that must be seen by everyone. 65 years later and this film is still one of the best in the medium. 

Highly recommended for everyone.


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