I don't do reviews, just thoughts or sidenotes. Also how do you choose only four favourite films?

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  • Linda Linda Linda

    Linda Linda Linda


    Why am I seeing this movie this late. Bae Doona, I love you and this band. Omg I loved the songs too. New addition in my list of comfort films!

  • Little Big Women

    Little Big Women


    Asian moms man. Carrying the world on their shoulders. Their children. Their future. The guilt. The regrets. The burden. A universe.

    For someone who loves melodrama and asian shomin geki genre, this Taiwanese movie was all that I needed to reduce me down to tears.

    How is this movie just sitting on Netflix??? Someone's rightly reviewed this movie saying it's a mix of Koreeda's Our little sister and Ang Lee's Eat drink Man Woman. It's also so.much.more!