I caught the movie bug from my mom. She grew up near the 'RKO Chester Theatre' & fell in love with films there.

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  • One Hour with You


  • The Freshman


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  • One Hour with You

    One Hour with You


    Mitzi, don't be sooo Mitzi

    What would you do, gentlemen, Maurice Chevalier's married character asks the male viewers directly to the screen, if a glamorous Mitzi (Genevieve Tobin) tempted you?

    Call Ernst Lubitsch a genius if you want, but that's the whole movie. Just add some songs and serve. Yes, it's entertaining for the most part and Charlie Ruggles is probably the most interesting character. But So This is Paris is a far better made film (with the same spirit…

  • The Freshman

    The Freshman


    If this is 5 stars then what is Safety Last, 6.5 stars? 8?

    The latter (and Speedy, just to name 2) are far better than The Freshman. But this football film is a popular one. It was one of Lloyd's top grossing films, earning a phenomenal 2.6 million dollars in 1925 (9x its 300,000 cost).

    And the question that identified mystery quest Lloyd on the 1953 quiz show What's My Line? was this one by by blindfolded panelist Dorothy Kilgallen:…

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  • Arsène Lupin

    Arsène Lupin


    John Barrymore is a delight in this film, a bit reminiscent of his 1917 silent film Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman, but this time he gets to speak :)

    Lionel Barrymore battles John in this and they duel against one another (with words) in at least 6 scenes... but this is really a romantic movie as John finds a girl named Sonia (Karen Morley) naked in his bed and then gets "closer to her."

    Lionel is super and John is captivating in this---even when doing 'nothing' John was great at making the viewer watch him even just to see what he might do!


  • Murder on the Orient Express

    Murder on the Orient Express


    Part of my list of movies with the word MURDER in their titles

    At the one hour 50 minute mark of this film, Poirot (Albert Finney) halfway through his 8 pages of script grilling the suspects of this murder mystery abruptly sits down adjacent to a small round table and pours himself a small glass of water from a pitcher on the table. He takes the water and drinks it down so much in character that there isn't a bit…