The Room

The Room ½

Watched the Rifftrax version ("live") on the big-screen last night. Seeing the film in an actual movie theatre makes me "appreciate" how incompetent this film. Wisseau has an anti-talent for making himself appear human and not a "professional gargoyle" (in the words of the Rifftrax crew), which is hilarious given how much this film is a vanity project that shows us every hideous pore of his face, back and ass.

Seeing this again, it's extremely clear that Wisseau is a misogynist of the first rank. This is clearly not an intentional comedy, but a melodramatic screed about how awful women are to a wonderful "guys" (as embodied by Tommy's Johnny). Only the ineptness of the entire film keep his worldview from being utterly repulsive.

Unfortunately, the film does not really gain hilarity with rewatches. Some segments do, but seeing each San Francisco establishing shot, each awful sex scene, makes you feel every minute of the 70 minute run time. Unlike PLAN 9 or THE APPLE, there's no balls-to-the-walls insanity that increases with each rewatch.