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  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    Perfect example of a film that tries too hard, and it never quite works. Part of the problem is that it feels like a one-man show, and not in a good way. Jim Cummings is like a ball hog in a basketball game, if the team was also coached by him, and the referee was also him. I mean, he casts Robert Forster and basically just squandered the talent because of his inability to let go of the spotlight for…

  • Benny's Video

    Benny's Video


    It's been done before, and done since, but here is a clear condemnation of media and the effects on violence in youth. Kind of feels like Henry Jr., with a surprising ending. Other than that, it plods along a bit to detached and predictably to inspire any strong emotional response, other than disgust.

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  • Nomadland



    This is the future of feminism in film, in my opinion. Not some 20-something model-looking actress playing a superhero with cleavage and a short skirt, but stories of actual women. It isn't about hitting us over the head with some obvious pandering, but has much more nuance than that. It is simply about representation, and shame on Hollywood for not allowing more stories like this to get made. There is a reason the same 5 actresses over 50 always play…

  • Aziz Ansari: Right Now

    Aziz Ansari: Right Now


    I find the extreme close camera placement and lens choice offputting, but besides the way that it is shot, there isn't a lot of humor for a stand-up show. Much too much of it feels like a formulated plan for damage control.