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  • Let Him Go

    Let Him Go


    The cinematic equivalent of bowling down the center of the alley, expecting a strike and coming out with a split.  Director Thomas Bezucha looked as though he might have had a perfect calculation on his hands with “Let Him Go”.  Based on the novel by Larry Watson and featuring an enviable cast worthy of any reputable film maker, the end result comes across as a rambling road picture with an anemic vibe punctuated with a few tension filled segments.


  • The Manitou

    The Manitou


    The back story behind director William Girdler is perhaps far more interesting than any of the films he either produced or directed.  “The Manitou” being his last before his untimely death at age 30 in the Philippines.  The film, going into distribution after his passing.  Some have even considered it his best effort if not at least his most ambitious.

         Having a flare for copycat exploitation, he hit the big time with “Grizzly”, a dry land rip off…

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  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    No matter your country of origin or residence, it’s hard not to identify with “I, Daniel Blake” and the bureaucratic red tape he finds his life wrapped in following a heart attack.  His doctors maintain that he is unable to return to work yet his application for what most would see as disability benefits are denied by those who claim their job is to help but in fact, their job is to delay or deny these benefits.  If you yourself…

  • The Vanishing

    The Vanishing


    “I’m banking on your curiosity “                                    
    What is it in all honesty that terrifies you the most?  Ghosts?  Paranormal occurrences?  Monsters?  Chainsaw wielding psychos?  Going to the dentist?  What terrifies me the most is the unknown, the unanswered.  This is the basis of the cringe inducing torment of “The Vanishing” (1988).  The original Dutch version of the film directed by George…