Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★½

I watched a little more killing time before Falcon and The Winter Solider tonight and yeah this is better but still blows 
Henry Cavill is literally the most bland Superman ever and that’s counting Superman Returns 
Also I get Darksied is a thing in the comics but Marvel’s called dibs on their big bad bald universe ending bitch since 2012 
They could have gone in literally any other direction 
The super muted color pallet is definitely not my thing 
I fucking hate the super muted costumes on Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman 
Also the weird pleather shit on Superman is weird 
Honestly I like when Superman wears a cloth costume because anything else looks weird 
I’m down for a black Superman but I would also be down for them to just recast Clark Kent 
Ultimate I hope this is the last we hear of the Snyder-Verse 
If you want a justice league movie starring Ben Affleck, Joe Manganiello, Amber Heard, Jared Leto, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher - why
Zack can go make dumb Netflix zombie movies
It sounds like something he’d be good at

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