The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★½

I could listen to Peter Weller wax poetic about various topics for hours on end. He is one of the more genuinely underrated actors of his, or any generation, for that matter. He elevated everything about this with his master-class acting doing what can only be described as a coked-up version of David Carradine's Bill if he was also some narcissistic megalomaniac Elon Musk type.

Stylistically the most gorgeously photographed of all the COC episodes. It all looks and feels like the late 70s. You can almost taste the devil's grass, and I appreciate that nothing is laid out for the audience. Weller's Lassiter toys with his guests in the lead-up to a bonkers-as-hell finale. An episode rich with subtext and vibrant colors, with the color palate deliberately distorted by the grainy imagery giving it the precise feel of the decade. And my lord, I loved that synth score. Also, there's a sequence near the end where Panos is not so subtlety paying homage to a classic scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and it is glorious. When eventually doing more of these, GDT needs to bring Panos back and more filmmakers like him.

Grade: A-

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